Introducing an incredible opportunity to join one of Europe's fastest-growing and most innovative groups of vehicle tuning file service dealers. Enhance your business with economy and performance remapping, and experience the benefits by incorporating the top-tier Dynotune brand.

Few products have as profound an impact on customers' vehicles as a personalized remap, leaving them thrilled with the performance and economy improvements. Satisfied customers often share their positive experiences with friends and family, generating additional business. Our revolutionary file package is unparalleled worldwide, providing a platform for significant growth and advancement in your tuning business, accompanied by notably higher profit margins compared to any competing file supplier. Receive a brand-new Alientech KESS3 for Cars & Light Commercials without any dealership fees, franchise fees, management fees, or marketing levies.

This opportunity offers the most cost-effective entry into the tuning business, adapting and expanding alongside your business's growth. Existing tuners will appreciate this as a fresh start, equipped with an exceptional tool and without any subscription costs, resulting in substantial savings per vehicle. Dynotune stands out as one of the leading companies in the remapping industry.


Dynotune Dealer Plan

Our file plans are straightforward and transparent, devoid of any hidden surprises.


Experience the most competitively priced high-quality tuning files in the remapping industry – the more you purchase, the more cost-effective they become. File costs are available upon sign-up.

Bolt-on files roll forward, providing your tuning business with enhanced flexibility for controlled expansion. Single files are also accessible for occasional users. File service hours operate from 7 am to 7 pm GMT on weekdays, 9 am to 6 pm on Saturdays, and all other times by advance request. All dealers receive equal access to prices and the same level of service. We refrain from offering a cheaper 'no-frills' file service, prioritizing the highest standards.


We believe in transparency, avoiding hidden price increases for specific vehicle types. The displayed price is what you pay for a standard Stage 1 tune. Choose from our standard, high-power, or eco tune, along with any combination of available DPF, EGR, or speed limiter solutions. For trucks, tractors, or boats, it remains a single file cost.


Enjoy the convenience of account facilities, allowing monthly payment via Direct Debit or retained debit card.


The package includes speed limiter removal on supported vehicles. All prices are subject to VAT, and dealer applications require approval.


Joining the Dynotune dealer group benefits your business, but it may not be suitable for everyone. We offer a confidential option, transparent to your customer base. Many well-known companies in the UK, Europe, and worldwide already benefit from this arrangement. If questioned about the source of your files, simply inform customers that you engage a top file writing company under contract. Enjoy the advantages of our technical support, training, and, in areas without existing dealers, customer leads.


Unlock the benefits of becoming a Dynotune Dealer:

Excellent Profits: Experience remarkable profits with our dealer file bundles, maximizing your returns.

Very Low Start-Up Costs: Embark on your journey with minimal initial investment, making it easy to get started.

Full Training & Support: Receive comprehensive training and continuous support to ensure your success in the tuning business.

No Franchise Fees: Enjoy the freedom of operating without any franchise fees, giving you more control over your business.

No Management Fees: Seize the opportunity to thrive without the burden of management fees, enhancing your financial flexibility.

No Marketing Levies: Keep more of your earnings as we waive any marketing levies, letting you focus on growing your business.

Quality Tuning Files: Benefit from our expertise in crafting over 3,000 quality ECU tuning files monthly, backed by a team of experienced file writers. Unlike many competitors, our diverse team ensures reliability by avoiding dependence on a single individual.

Great Technical Support: Access unparalleled technical support with our knowledgeable and experienced Support Team. Every dealer receives comprehensive training to empower them with the necessary knowledge for success.

Fast Turnaround: Save time and money with our quick and reliable file service. Our files team is committed to delivering tuning files with an average turnaround time of just 15 minutes.

Support Package: Enjoy a comprehensive support package that includes full training, continuous technical support, a quality product. Your success is our priority.


At the heart of our business lies the essence of quality, setting the standard for the best chip tuning service globally. This is evident in why numerous leading tuning businesses worldwide choose us for their tuning files. Unlike most competitors, our approach involves a dedicated team of file writers, ensuring that your reliance is not on a single individual.

Our files team is committed to delivering files with an average turnaround time of 15-20 minutes. We exclusively provide remap files that adhere to our meticulous standards and are written in-house. Offering various file versions, we tailor them to suit your customers' specific needs, whether it's optimizing fuel economy, maximizing power and performance, or achieving a balanced blend of both.


The process is uncomplicated and well-guided, with the software leading you through initial vehicle identification and then proceeding to read the ECU file. This file is transmitted to our Files Office, where the necessary modifications are made before being returned to you for installation on the vehicle. The typical hands-on time for this process is less than 30 minutes. Trust in our premium chip tuning files and program to elevate your tuning experience.